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LumaSense Technologies, Luxtron® division

LumaSense has been a leader in the field of temperature measurement and thermal imaging for more than 30 years. The company's fiber optic Luxtron family of products are used by thousands of customers around the world. LumaSense's Mikron family of non contact infrared temperature sensors and thermal imaging cameras lead the industry with its Mikron family of temperature sensors and thermal imaging cameras and a full line of blackbody calibration sources, traceable to national standards (NIST).

Luxtron temperature sensors are based on the company's core Fluoroptic (fiber optic), radiation thermometry and optical thin film monitoring technology (infrared).

Fluoroptic® optical sensor technology is based on the fluorescence decay time of a special thermo-sensitive phosphorescent (phosphor) sensor, located at the end of a fiber optic cable. Light generated by an excitation LED is routed through a probe extension and connectors, where it falls on the phosphor sensor located at the probe tip. Older Fluoroptic® temperature systems used xenon flash lamps that need to be replaced over time. Current systems use LEDs that never need to be replaced.

When stimulated with red light from the LED, the Luxtron phosphor sensor emits light over a broad spectrum in the near infrared region. The time required for the fluorescence to decay is dependent upon the sensor's temperature. After the LED is turned off, the decaying fluorescent signal continues to transmit through the fiber to the instrument, where it is focused onto a detector. The signal from the detector is amplified and sampled after the LED is turned off. The measured decay time is then converted to temperature by the instruments software using a calibrated conversion table. Different calibration tables are used depending on the temperature range and application, but the overall temperature range capability of this optical sensor technology is currently -200C to 330C.

The LumaSense Luxtron radiation pyrometer is based on radiation thermometry and measures radiation over a narrow spectrum and at a shorter, near-infrared wavelength (called near-IR or short wavelength pyrometers).  This method of detection allows for a more precise and accurate measurements for critical process control. Typical applications include semiconductor processing, crystal growth, advanced material processing, and R&D.

LumaSense's Mikron family of products have led in non-contact temperature measurement since 1969. Mikron solutions focus on industry and research with a broad range of instruments with exceptional accuracy and capability, from lightweight, convenient, portable units to process and laboratory instruments, to sophisticated, computer compatible thermal imaging systems.

Mikron solutions are also at the forefront in near and far infrared thermal imaging technology with systems that include high speed, high accuracy, high resolution thermal imaging for preventive and predictive maintenance as well as process and research applications. All thermal imagers come with elaborate image processing software.

LumaSense's temperature products and leverages in many industries including the utility, clean technology, semiconductor, research and development and medical industries.

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