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Spectite manufactures Pressure and vacuum sealed feedthroughs for sensors, probes, electrodes and wires. Sealed feedthrough assemblies are pressure rated up to 10,000 psi and can be used in applications at a maximum temperature of +1,600°F (+870°C), dependent on the type of feedthrough and sealant material specified.

Sealed feedthroughs for single elements cater for sensors from 0.020” (0.5mm) dia. to 0.75” (19.05mm). Sizes that can be used in multiple element assemblies are from 0.020” (0.5mm) dia to 0.25” (6.35mm)

PF - Single element sealed feedthrough_These feedthroughs are designed for sealing single elements, usually sensors, probes or tubes, where they penetrate a pressure or environmental boundary. MF_A single access port into an enclosure or process vessel is all that is needed to allow multiple probes, sensors, etc., to pass through an environmental or pressure boundary using a single feedthrough assembly. Series PSF (single element) and MSF (multiple elements) feedthroughs are similar to series MF feedthroughs, but have split internal components. When multiple wires must pass through a pressure boundary, series WF feedthroughs can provide an efficient seal without recourse to epoxies or other non-adjustable fixture methods. The electrode mounted in these feedthroughs enables high voltage / current supplies in process enclosures, autoclaves, vacuum furnaces and reactor vessels to power heaters, electric motors and other devices needing high power supply. A Teflon-lined, stainless steel tube is swaged over multiple, usually Teflon, insulated, singlecore copper and/or thermocouple-material wires to make a continuous wire, high-density, sealed feedthrough tube. These are used for thermocouples, resistance thermometers and low voltage instrumentation. The sealed tube assembly is usually mounted in a series PF or MF feedthrough. Series HF feedthroughs are manufactured with customer-specified wire lengths.
PF - Single element sealed feedthrough MF - Multi element sealed feedthrough
PSF - Single element sealed feedthrough
MSF - Multiple element sealed feedthrough
WFS - for Kapton® insulated wires
WFR - for multiple bare wires
WFP - for isolated multiple probes
EF - Sealed feedthrough with integral electrode HF - High density tube assembly